Raymond James Valor Network

Valor, the Raymond James Veterans Inclusion Network, recognizes the sacrifices that military members, veterans, and their families make for our nation, and our priority is to make Raymond James the employer of choice for these individuals. Valor, is a representation of all service branches, military spouses, and allies, fostering camaraderie, networking, and community involvement. Valor offers members and allies the opportunity to exchange information and ideas and give back to our community. Currently, many of our members and allies work closely with a variety of organizations serving Veteran/Military communities throughout the United States, from a Board membership capacity, as well as volunteer capacity.

Tampa Warriors

The Tampa Warriors Hockey Program, Inc (“TWHP”) was formed on November 29, 2017, and formally incorporated on January 1, 2020. The TWHP, a 501(c)(3), has been organized to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, for those wounded in defense of the United States and America’s First Responders.


The purpose of the TWHP is to serve the disabled veteran community, the hockey community at large and the community at large in the Tampa, FL region. Our mission is to provide both a recreational and competitive environment/team that is therapeutic and educational for our members so that we serve each other and our communities.

  1. Compassion – for each other, our disabilities, our experiences, our personal struggles and for improving those around us.
  2. Community – to serve, assist and contribute to the larger disabled veteran community, the hockey community, and the Tampa region.
  3. Camaraderie – to build a culture of family that serves our mission. To help find the purpose and direction that was once felt in service.
  4. Competition – The drive to win: in games, in self-improvement and community improvement.
  5. Healthy Living – To care for our physical, mental or emotional wellness.

The program educates, trains, motivates and encourages those who have physical disabilities incurred during service to the United States to participate in the sport of ice hockey in an environment that is adapted to the level of their ability.The TWHP, Inc. is staffed by volunteers, on-ice and off-ice mentors and directors who do not receive any compensation, stipend or other remuneration for their time.

Wounded Warrior Project

Veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound while serving in the military on or after September 11, 2001. You are our focus. You are our mission.

Aquatic Obsessions

We are a full service water sport, scuba, and freedive training facility, with programs from beginning diver to professional. We also offer sales, service, and rental for all your diving needs. We pride ourselves in our ability to price match any legitimate Internet or dive shop prices.

Jacobsen Custom Builders

Custom home builder and remodeler based out of Saint Petersburg, FL

Areas Served
Clearwater, Largo, Pinellas Park, Saint Pete Beach, Saint Petersburg, Treasure Island, Madeira Beach


Elks Lodges bring so much more to their communities than just a building, golf course or pool. They are places where neighbors come together, families share meals, and children grow up.

Praestolor Arms

Much goes into choosing the name of a company. Our choice of the Latin word Praestolor, meaning “Stand Ready,” encapsulates our principles of building high quality, reliable rifles that enable our customers to meet any challenge with confidence and precision.

Christian Gardner

Cross Country Mortgage offers the support and capacity to ensure timely closings, concierge service, and constant communication through, and well after the loan has been closed.

The Tampa Bay Spearfishing Club (TBSC) was formed in 2002 with the goal of promoting safe and competent spearfishing, while establishing a venue for spearfishermen to network with others who enjoy the sport. The TBSC is a charter member of the Florida Skin Diving Association and an active member of the dive community. Our members are highly involved in state and national fisheries management, and are active in promoting legislation that affects the dive and spearfishing community.

We pride ourselves in participating in and volunteering for multiple competitions and charitable events throughout the greater Tampa Bay area. Please check out our “Community” section for details our efforts and support.

The TBSC also organizes and hosts one of the worlds largest annual spearfishing tournaments, the Tampa Bay Spearfishing Challenge. This family friendly tournament is held every Spring and focuses on fun, camaraderie, and our passion for the sport with proceeds going to support marine and local charities, causes, and organizations.

The Florida Skin Divers Association (FSDA) is a volunteer, non-profit coalition of Dive Clubs and individuals bound together by our common interest in sport, skin and scuba diving. The FSDA is the oldest and largest independent organization of divers in the state of Florida. It is governed by an unpaid board of directors who are active in the diving community. The board works hard to promote diving and organize membership to protect their diving rights.

The FSDA would like to thank all of its past and present Presidents, Officers Directors and members for the following achievements:

  • Influencing dive related regulation/ legislation.
  • Promoting diving safety through continued education on equipment use and maintenance, and diving techniques and safety procedures.
  • Supporting and promoting the interests and activities of specialty diving groups.
  • Supporting the non-destructive use and enjoyment of diving resources by all specialty groups through the encouragement of conservation.

Some specific FSDA achievements include:

  • For over 50 years, organizing the Southern Open Spearfishing/Photography & Videography State Championship, which has included entrants from around the globe.
  • The pivotal involvement in the transport and placement of the Christ of the Abyss statue in John Penekamp State park.
  • Instrumental in developing the now universal dive flag, and boating regulations relating to dive flags for the safety of divers.
  • Hosting the US Nationals Freediving Tournament

Skyway Photography has been a supporter of DiveCare for many years. Often volunteering services to capture photos at our events. We would like to extend a sincere thank you to Larry for his continued contribution to our mission.

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