Our mission is to invigorate the spirit and imagination
of our veterans and civilians with disabilities through scuba diving

What we do for others

Divecare is poised to help build the “Can Do” confidence and independence to participants. Begin to overcome barriers that might once have seemed insurmountable.

Our goals

To improve the lives of civilians and veterans with disabilities through the sport of scuba diving.

To develop the resources needed for those with disabilities to experience these life changing opportunities.

To build a network of professionally trained volunteers to train and assist civilians and veterans with disabilities in their underwater adve


Through scuba diving, Divecare teaches people with mental or physical disabilities to “fly” underwater. The oceans, lakes, rivers and pools of the world become a forgiving, weightless environment. This gives perfect buoyancy to those who would otherwise struggle on land.

Our Approach

Build confidence and independence by offering a sense of freedom and adventure.

Empower individuals to set goals and believe they can reach them by delivering a program that is consistent and dependable.

Provide opportunties for our program graduates to continue to attend scuba excursions, events, and advanced training.

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